Monday, December 1, 2014

Radical Confidence

Radical Confidence Notes People Have been asking about this for years and years and years and what is amazing is that when you pull it apart, and find out what the issue behind the questions of confidence really , It’s not what you think…

In other words , why are people asking for confidence?

What you discover is that confidence has become a vast and abstract label-Kind of like a big cardboard box with the word “Confidence”on it, which dozens of different kinds of problems have been thrown in. And then people reading their self help books, which tell you to do one thing, or they read a book from a psycho-therapist that tells them something else, and then a new age book
tells them something else again and then they go to their doctor and their doctor says “Here , take these drugs”

Here is a key:

Start breaking it down so that we are actually dealing with how to do what it is you say you want to do.

Apply the metamodel.

What is Radical Confidence?

Radical comes from the Latin root word Radix which means “Root” it’s going to the root.

People have various tools that they use to support their work etc. one of my favorite tools are dictionaries.

Our second word is confidence. Confidence is another Latin word. Confidence means “con” “with” and then fide–faith or t
rust. It’s a question of what do you trust? And why? And then how to make this possible and then likely.

It’s key to apply the metamodel since what we might find for example is that what you say you need is confidence whereas what you might need is practic
e etc…

Why do we seek confidence and self-steem?

Because that is what the culture has program us to do.

We have been told that how we feel is more important than anything.

And now the secret reinforce that message “Until you feel good about yourself then you won’t tend to succeed”

But it is backwards.

You don’t have the confidence because you haven’t taken the action-it’s the reverse of what was said.

What I found is that people that get really wealthy do so by working at best 25% moving towards and 75% moving away…

But you , you have to take action regardless of how you feel.

In that way you will take action just for the sake of taking action.

You will take action without so much energy in the system.

Remember this

If something can be done in this world and some goal or end can be achieved, then there are means and ways to do that.

Of course you have to make an investment (Money, time etc…)

But if you spend most of your time training your brain to refuse to recognize what is possible and to only imagine and recognize what is painful and comfortable and can be done . You literally practice yourself… malpractice yourself …into a straight jacket.

It’s not a confidence issue

Until you can recognize that you aren’t asking the right question, and once you start asking that right question , these become matters of logistics and organization rather than fundamental psychological wrongness within you.

Listen to this question “Do you earned the right to the confidence?” Have you practice?”

We don’t need everyone to be confident.

I wouldn’t want a doctor to be confident without proper training neither would you.

So in this case fear is a good call to be smart.

Confidence is never the problem it’s a state.

And if you make that state into a pre-requisite into the thing that has to be there before you take action, then you have misunderstood how things work.

How can you develop more confidence?

Develop a mindset of looking for recources.


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