Monday, February 2, 2015

My Friend's Professor Uses This To Motivate His Students.

First class, the "Lone Wolf"

Second class, the "Quirky Mage"

Third class, the "Royal Successor"


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Johnrap said...

About 5 years ago some friends left my company any opened their own vendor. I didn't give them any business, but I suggested this idea to them.

Like how come I've never seen a vendor offer XP. Vendors are buying coffee and lunches and throwing parties. How come they never thought of XP? It's a fun and low cost way to engage with customers and at the same time showcase their various services and encourage clients to try other services that they offer.

Long story short, and despite being one of the most honest people in the world, my suggestion of vendor XP points ended up getting me accused of soliciting bribes... from a vendor a never worked with... and for suggesting XP.

Like people couldn't believe that XP was just XP. They thought it was a secret code for bribes.

Techsubborg said...

So, I love this idea. I kind of took it and ran with it and made something similar for my tutoring students (middle school) in order for them to get their homework done. Each homework assignment done gets 10 exp. They can spend xp to get things like game room passes, mile passes and even a pizza party. It's working!

chidog12 said...

I love this idea so is really cool that the professor is making learning fun and enjoyable. Wish I had them.

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Roger said...

Hello, Im applaying something based on R Spicar's work and I would love to know his whole name and his school so that I could cite him in my gamification paper. Do you have any details? Thanks!