Monday, December 1, 2014

Confidence Meter

Personality mirrors one’s self. The way an individual speaks, laughs,walks and even the way he looks reveal something about himself. One personality type,the Enthusiast, is known to release much energy may either be productive or such a disturbance. On the other hand, another personality type, the busy and productive one,may be so serious in his tasks at times. People vary in personality in every other way.Self confidence may be developed in the course of knowing and unveiling the inner soul. However, lack of confidence happens as a result of various social and emotional factors affecting an individual.

Lack of self confidence may be due to family up bringing. The family is the first group of people an individual mingles with. When a person is raised in at home bounded by a thousand rules by his strict parents, there is a possibility that he will lose confidence on acting on things. There may be instances that though he is outside home,he might feel that he is still bounded by rules. Another common family affair is the comparison between the children. If it has always been the other siblings praised, aperson might lose confidence on his abilities.

Moreover, another cause of lack of self confidence is the environment where the person moves. A past experience will serve as a significant factor in shaping one’s personality. For instance, if a person has made a mistake in the past, it may degrade his composure on himself. Every time he will do an act and remember this instance, this may serve as a hindrance to self -growth. Besides this, another factor may be credited to bullying. Bullies create an aura of authority over people. The impose fear and inferiority in their environment.

Finally, the most important of all the factors is the self. The development of the self depends on the person’s view of himself. It is up to him if he will let people get into his own life and shape his personality. Self-doubt is very influential. A person having second thoughts about his skill certainly demonstrates a lack of self confidence.Cultured feelings of inferiority also play vital roles in a person’s self-assurance. Once these feelings eat up his trust on himself, he will start nurturing doubt which will later result to a lack of self confidence.

The development of poise may be affected by several internal and external aspects of life. These social and economic factors deprive an individual from having a tight grip on himself. However, these internal and external factors do not always decide what or how an individual may grow. In the end, the individual will always have the authority over himself.

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