Monday, March 16, 2015

What decisions have you made?

Without a decision, there is not direction in our activities…

Why am I telling you this and some of these other things? You might be thinking… “I thought this article was about motivation!?”

Well… Motivation can be found, but motivation by itself will not lead to a bountiful harvest!

You can be really motivated to do things, but if the actions you are taking are misguided, the results will be useless or even damaging. This is why the
decisions you make are so important. And it’s also why the right decisions are so important.

How do you make a decision of what direction to take with your business online? How do you make a decision to reach for the type of success that right for YOU?

So many people don’t take the time out.

If you were to take 3 days off and focus on your decisions about where you are going, you may find yourself at your destination A LOT faster.

Many of us don’t take the essential time we need to concentrate on our decisions as a whole.

We will make a small decision here and there, but how do they affect the big picture?

Decisions can be looked at like a river…

The main river that we follow though life is the one that is supposed to take us to our destination. All our rivers look different. Some are smooth as
glass… some winding… some littered with rapids.

Some of them take us through beautiful country, while others take us through waste lands and terrible environments.

All our rivers also are fed by streams and smaller rivers… these are things that affect our decisions. Some go unnoticed and just blend in… not really
affecting the flow; pure enough to blend with the current mixture and current…

Others push in quickly and disrupt the flow… maybe the river will carry with it periodic disruptions in the flow… swells… an increase in current and rapids.

Some may bring poison… some life.

Then along the way, there are bends and twists in the river that might push us to the banks and tempt us to jump ship. You may come to a part of a river the splits in different directions… sometimes we have time to think about our direction, other times the current
is to fast and we must make a quick decision that will echo throughout our lives… Negative or Positive.

In order for us to make decisions… accurate decisions… beneficial decisions, we need to have the End Decision… we need to know…

We need to decide what our destination is.

Otherwise… the river itself will have more influence on our lives than it should.

Why am I telling you this again? What do decisions have to do with motivation?


Because once we grab onto motivation, it feeds on results and the results come from the decisions we make…

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