Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Goals at Work

AN IMPORTANT PART OF GOAL SETTING and accomplishment happens at work. Using goals at work will help you to produce greater results and stay motivated, which will add to  job satisfaction and fulfillment. When you bring your goal skills to the  job you’ll also be making life better for your co-workers and boss.

You need to enjoy your work and feel like you are reaching your full potential in your career. Goals offer a very important step towards that end. Use the tips that follow and share them with others who wish to succeed in the workplace.

Communicate Your Goals to Management

After creating your work goals, share them with management to make sure they are aware of the direction you are taking. You wouldn’t want to put your heart and soul into a project that management will eliminate.

Fax Your Goals to Work

Want to keep your goals with you at work? Have you thought of a great idea at home and want to make sure it gets to the office? Fax it! This is a great way to keep motivated at work and to have your job goals sent to you quickly and easily.

Use Notes

Write short reminders on a notepad and place them on your computer screen or desk. Just don’t overdo it. You want to be able to actually see your desk in the morning. Sometimes a quick reminder is all you need to make for an effective and motivated workday.

Have a Work Notebook Handy

When talking with the boss or working with your peers, have a note-book handy to write down goals and tasks that need to be done. Our memories are amazing but without training they can have a difficult time retrieving every fact and idea that we hear in one day. With your notes in writing, you’ll be certain to keep goals and tasks at work clear and readily available.

Look to the Competition

If you are having trouble thinking of the right goals to work for, look to see what your competition is doing. This will give you several ideas to work with.

The Company Goals

Have a meeting with your immediate boss and discuss the goals of the company. After interpreting this information you will be able to create goals that work with, and not against, your companies objectives. Conflicting goals will cause many problems internally and externally. Steer clear of these problems and talk about goals first.

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