Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Motivation is a Choice

Sometimes people ask me ”How do you have time for everything?” or “How can you bother to do so many things?” while they’re sitting there themselves just doing nothing and still asking for help on how to become motivated or whatever. What they don't realize is that motivation is a choice, it's something you have to realize yourself to make it come to true. It is something you must make yourself.
None else is able to come with direct and functional tips on how to get motivated, none else is able to help you choose what to do with your life, seeing as without the realization of what you really want to do, without the realization that it is indeed possible to get whatever you want but that it will require hard work to reach there, you will in the end ultimately fail.

I die a little bit inside every time I see someone making a promise “Yeah, I'll go hit the gym hard and get fit in 6 months!1!1!” and then not living up to it. Yes, they MIGHT go to the gym for a while, just to hit a wall and then forget about it.

It is only possible to provide guidelines for the people who wish to be motivated, but hey, to get motivated you need the motivation to get motivated! Sounds like a paradox? Maybe. But motivation is inside of us all, we just need to come to realize it.

What about time then? What about all the people that excuse themselves from activities just because “they don't have time”? I must say that it is probably one of the worst excuses in the book as you always have time for everything if you really want to. Everything comes down to organizing your life in the end and maybe realizing that you might not need to spend that time sitting by the computer, or the TV, and you could instead use that time to do something else, something productive. Something that brings happiness into to your life.

I still see people being astounded how I find time for everything that I do, but really, you just need to organize everything and to really want to do what you're doing.

Too bad that most people choose the easy way out, and it becomes a part of their lifestyle. Just that makes it harder to come to the realization that you are indeed able to whatever you want to do.

No wonder people say life sucks when they don't do anything with their life.

Just go out and do it. Do whatever you longed to do, and you'll see that everything else will come to place later on. When you choose to do something you really want to do, you choose motivation.

You choose life.

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