Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Confidence Building

Confidence does not only affect people in certain area or people of a certain age group. It's a world wide problem that people of all ages can have. When one is facing self doubt or low self esteem it can ruin their day, stop you from having fun and maybe even prohibit you from achieving your goals. You can make yourself feel worse than anyone else can.However to regain your confidence, confidence building exercises may help give you that boost you need.

Some of the most common confidence problems include, being afraid to do public speaking, being afraid to engage in a conversation with others, not being able to say no to others, not believing in your self, and also being afraid to go out there and take risks because your lack of confidence is holding you back.

However through hard work and determination confidence is an achievable skill. When frequently practiced, confidence building exercises can be an excellent way to help you build your self esteem or deal with your confidence issues.

Some confidence building exercises include standing up closing your eyes and imagine a circle which you can step into and do things that you would have never dreamed about doing. Take for example public speaking, you would say goodbye to all your thoughts that are not confident, take courage and step into your circle. With every step you take in the circle your confidence should grow. Another confidence exercise involves learning different breathing techniques so that you can relax and control your fear. Hypnosis is another technique you can use to relax and will also help you become more assertive.

Confidence problems are something that no individual should have. By continuously doing some confidence building exercises you'll slowly but surely get over your fears and be that person you deserve to be.

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